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Go for a hair transplant doctor who can perform both fue and fut

Your hair is one of your major assets in enhancing your personality. With each haircut, one gets a new look viz-a-viz a new personality in the eyes of others. Thus having beautiful hair is something that concerns majority of people around the globe. However some people might lose out on this asset due to multiple reasons like heredity, health issues etc. Fret not, technology today offers solutions to almost everything and for people suffering from balding or, hair transplant is the most obvious solution.

However one needs to do a thorough research before opting for a hair transplant treatment. It is a medical procedure and the risks are as dire as they come if one is not careful in selecting their specialist. Due to lack of knowledge people tend to go for the wrong treatment which doesnt provide satisfactory results, making the treatment a complete waste of money. Hence it is important to find a specialist who has experience and happy clientele list.

There are two types of hair transplant:

FUT:Follicular Unit Transplant is a procedure where small strips of scalp are extracted from the sides or back of the head to supplant on the balding area.

FUE:Follicular Unit Extraction method is less invasive and involves the extraction of singular hair follicles with the help of a punching device and placing them on the recipient area.

Usually people tend to get confused between the fundamental differences of these treatments. A good hair transplant doctor has to be equally acquainted with both the treatments. Given the technicality and precision required to conduct these treatments, one needs to trust their doctors completely. But if a doctor is not experienced then he/she might confuse between treatments or suggest the wrong method to you, resulting in unsatisfactory outcomes. In certain cases, the hair looks artificial and the whole point of a hair transplant is negated. Hence it is important to find a hair transplant doctor who can effectively perform both FUE and FUT with significant precision.

A successful hair transplant might require the mixing of both the methods. That is why a good plastic surgeon uses Trichophytic Closure and Dissolvable Stitches after reaping the strip of follicles in a sterilized location in the FUE method. After the hair on the back grows back even if the person gets a close hair cut, the scar is not visible to the naked eye. Most doctors restrict themselves to the knowledge of FUE treatment which is not enough to give out perfect results in some cases.

Having a deep knowledge about both methods is imperative to get good results. An expert can reduce the occurrence of scarring.

Another thing one needs to keep in mind before opting for a treatment is to get a feedback from someone who has already got the treatment done. Expert hair transplant doctors try to perform their treatment with negligible scarring and avoid infection. There is a high risk of infection if the wound is not properly taken care of or an infected scalpel is used to during the treatment. One should always cross-check the doctors reputation, credibility and qualifications before trusting them with their money.

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Why do we lose hair know hair loss

In times of day to day developing technology, nothing falls short of a solution. While we can control most things, nature has its own course. As time passes and old age strikes, our body goes through inevitable changes. Yet there are some who may experience these changes early in their lives by being exposed to pollution or hereditary problems. Hair loss is one such condition that ails people and even though we can’t control the receding hairline or baldness, with the modern technology, we can fix it.

There are several reasons for hair loss and all these reasons vary in men and women. One must understand the reasons behind the hair loss before opting for a treatment. Men and women who have the hair loss problem are suffering from a condition called Alopecia Areata.

Men are considered to succumb to hair loss more as compared to women, mostly owing to Male Pattern Baldness. Factors that cause hair loss in Men are:

  • Androgenic Alopecia: Hereditary hair loss in men is usually due to DHT (Dihydrotestesterone) affecting the genetically influenced hair follicles. Usually the growing period of hair in men (anagen) lasts from 2-5 years and the resting period (telogen) lasts for 1-5 months. Due to DHT, the hair follicles remain in the resting phase for most part. This impacts hair growth and eventually turns into hair loss due to the closing of follicular space in hair shaft.
  • Hormonal and Genetic influence: Hair loss depends on genes inherited from either one of the parents or both. Affects of DHT hormone on hair growth.
  • Age: With age a person’s total hair volume will decrease.
  • Other factors: Medical conditions, drugs and stress

The side effect of expanded balding can be mentally devastating for female patients. Hair follicles always go through three stages: (1) anagen—the development stage; (2) catagenasthe stage transitioning in the middle of development and resting; and (3) telogen—the resting stage. It is ordinary to lose upwards of 100 hairs for each day. Although male pattern baldness may appear like a more noticeable issue in men, ladies are almost as prone to lose, or have diminishing, hair. Most women notice it in their 50s or 60s, yet it can happen at any age and for a mixed bag of reasons. Several factors that trigger hairloss in women are:

  • Traction Alopecia: Arises from styling your hair like making a ponytail or braiding.
  • PCOS: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome can cause a medical condition that triggers hairloss in women due to hormonal imbalance.
  • Age and heredity: Like men, age and genes are influencing factors for hair loss in women as well.
    Other factors that equally influence both men and women are stress, vitamin deficiency, medicines –chemotherapy, infection, autoimmune disease- false alarm, hypothyroidism and Psychological conditions like Trichotillomania.
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Hair transplant is the best of option for natural looking hair

Natural Hair Transplant

Natural Hair transplant in Delhi

There are differing reasons for hair loss and baldness that can point the individual in a certain direction when they start to look for hair loss treatment choices. Since the reasons for the condition are so fluctuating, its pivotal to first figure out the cause before beginning. Most hair restoration methods are restricted by the cause of hair loss. In cases of DHT, a lot of hair restorative methods fall short.

Different reasons for hair loss incorporate sustenance and lifestyle decisions, sicknesses, for example, thyroid illness or lupus, stress or other hormonal lopsided characteristics that are experienced by the body, for example, pregnancy. Now and then hair loss can be a pointer of a great deal more genuine and harmful condition for a few individuals which can turn out to be helpful. Once the ailment or condition is dealt with that is causing the hair loss, then the sufferer can breathe a sigh of relief and may even have the capacity to develop their hair back. The best alternative for ideal and lasting hair re-growth is a hair transplant. This is on account of it being extremely unlikely other than a hair transplant to restore the hair that is lost in the temple area of the scalp. Indeed, even medicines like Rogaine and Propecia will just restore at the crown and the back the temple hair cannot be restored with nonsurgical hair loss medications.

For a few individuals encountering hair loss, now and then the phase of the condition is advanced to the point that there is really no other successful choice other than hair transplant surgery. Without a doubt, there is a hair substitution/replacement system, which is truly only an extravagant name for a stuck on the toupee. Envision you’re out on the town and a lady tries to run her hands through your hair and it tumbles off. With hair transplant surgery, it is your genuine hair its changeless and wouldn’t move any more than other hair on your head. So if performed by a specialized surgeon, you won’t need to stress if the hair transplant is evident by any means the systems in hair transplant surgery are more creative than any other time in recent memory and take into consideration insignificant to no scarring and no agony amid and after the treatment as well.

Male Pattern Baldness is mostly the major reason that ails all men. This is effortlessly the clearest motivation behind why anybody would get the transplant. With the transplant, you will begin to look better and more youthful. A man with a full head of hair will unquestionably have a superior air about him. In general, these are just a couple of the reasons why a man would get a hair transplant. This is an awesome approach to feel and look better and can enhance trust in ones self. In spite of the fact that a hair transplant may not change your life, it will unquestionably make you appreciate it substantially more. Hair transplant surgery is thus, the best alternative for men and women encountering hereditary hair loss.

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Aesthetic hair transplant for desired outcome

We are social beings and its thus important that when we interact with people, we should make a good first impression. People usually form opinions about others based on how they look, given that there is only so much you can grasp about a person in one meeting. A major impact on a person’s personality is formed by the hair quality. A receding hairline or balding influences a person’s looks and subsequently mar their personality. Hair loss usually makes people less confident of their own appearance which turns into a bizarre first impression.

Hair transplant and enhance their look

In modern times, there is an answer to all our problems. People suffering from hair loss can now opt for a hair transplant and enhance their look. A hair transplant will not just provide natural looking hair but also rejuvenate your whole appearance. Hair transplants are aesthetic in nature and can change the entire look of a person. Thus, its important that one takes heed in choosing the surgeon and the type of hair transplant suitable for them.

Currently there are two popular methods of hair transplant available in the market FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). The application of either methods, in the regions and shaping of a new hairline on the frontal scalp is most essential part of a hair transplant surgery. On the off chance that the hairline is not stylish, the outcomes can be inadmissible or upsetting for the patient and specialist alike.

The standards of arranging the frontal and temporal hairline are exhibited utilizing punch grafts and sometimes a layer of scalp. Postoperative styling of the new hair will change contingent on the strategy used to exchange the hair (punch grafts or flab), the nearby variables include (surface, heading, thickness, tufting, and so on.), and additionally depends on what the patient wants. The different preferences and hindrances of styling, conceivable outcomes with every system should be displayed to the patients before performing the surgery. These variables ought to be talked about with the patient preoperatively.

The hairline and frontal hair appearance is one of the deciding factors in defining the shape of a persons facial proportion. Only an aesthetic surgeon can pull off a successful hair transplant as its almost like face rejuvenation and much depends on how the surgeon performs the treatment. The patients get more than just new hair, they get a new look. Hence aesthetics in hair transplant is an intricate factor which is neglected while opting for a surgeon and can give out unacceptable outcomes. One must always opt for a specialized surgeon whose aesthetic value has been validated in the market.

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