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At Dr. Sood’s hair clinic, patients need comes first

Hair transplant in India has become a very big business and there is nothing wrong in that but the trouble starts when some clinics work just for profits on the expense of patient. One must remember hair transplant is a service but the customer is not normal user of service but a person who is putting his life in your hands. Hair transplant is a very safe medical procedure but the fact is every medical procedure has its own dangers and complications so it becomes necessary not to treat patients as customers because this is a different kind of service.

Putting the need of the patient above the rest

In the world of cosmetic surgery hair transplant is unique because the hair that is used to cover the bald area comes from the donor and there is nothing artificial about it. Also one must understand that the donor hair is limited so the doctor can only take the right amount or the hair on the back will become thin. At Dr. Sood’a hair clinic a proper procedure is followed where it is decided how best to help the patient and how much hair coverage is possible and would it be possible in just on sitting which is normal or a second setting is required.

All information is shared with the patient to give them a clear picture of what can and cannot be achieved and in that process a clear expectation is build. Many other clinics promise results that are simply not possible to achieve and in that process not only ruin the patient’s expectation but also give poor results. But Dr. Rakesh Sood is all about the results and the quality of service to all his patients and that is why those who go elsewhere many times returned to fix bad hair transplant or realized what is fact and what is fiction.

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Redeem your crowning glory with the help of hair transplant

There is something beautiful about hair and when we start to lose it we see a change that we do not like. When we start to lose hair our personality changes and we start to look a lot mature then we should and for many that is very disconcerting. But there is a way to reclaim your crowning glory and that is possible only through by getting a hair transplant. Just as a king without crown does not look right it is important to have hair on top of our head and advanced hair transplant procedures are helping people in a way like never before to help redeem their lost crowing glory.

This is one procedure that should be performed by an expert surgeon!

Just as no common person can place the crown on the head of the king hair transplant cannot be performed by just about any doctor. This procedure requires the highest level of skill and eye for aesthetics to ensure patient gets the best natural results when the newly implanted hair starts to grow. By Using perfected hair transplant techniques like Follicular unit transplant (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) doctors are able to give natural looking hair that blends with the original hair on the top of the head without looking any different.

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Why and how hair transplant can look totally natural

Hair transplants must look natural but for that, to happen it must be done the right way and for that it is important to seek a restoration specialist. The hair that is generally used to restore new hair line is taken from the back or side of the head because these hairs have the same natural characteristics as the hair that grows in the front. These days body hair is also used to transplant hair, but the hair from the lower sides of the scalp tends to work very well for hair transplants.

However, the problem with body hair, when used for restoration to cover baldness, is that it grows the same as it does in the area of the body it came from. But still if done by an expert the outcome can be very satisfying. That is why it is when hair transplant procedure is performed the doctor must use grafts that contain one to four hair follicles to give more density because of these follicular unit grafts are ideal in restoring a receding hairline. Plus when the doctor uses the follicular unit grafts for your hairline, it will give more natural look than with the larger plug-like grafts.

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The best medication for hair loss is hair transplant surgery

There are quite a few medications in the market to stop hair loss and yes some of them are even effective like platelet rich plasma (PRP) where plasma from our blood is extracted and then spread all over the bald area. But the most effective method that no medication can come close to challenging is hair transplant. The reason why hair transplant is so effective is because in this process our own hair from the back or the side of the scalp is used and the best news is they are impervious dihydrotestosterone which is the chemical that causes male pattern baldness. Plus the hair or as it is called the donor hair also has the same texture as the hair that grows on the front so when new hair starts to grow it looks totally natural.

What one has to do before and after the hair transplant?

It is very simple, if a person smokes the cigarette and consumes alcohol they must restrain from doing so for three weeks before and four weeks after because the above-mentioned vices could prove a serious impediment to the growth of new hair follicles.

After that, in just four months there will be enough growth of new hair which can be cut and styled the way you want. The new hair is permanent and it will look natural. But that depends on the skill of the doctor who would perform the procedure so it is very important to choose the right doctor or the hair transplant could look bad. However, if it is done right there is no substitute to hair transplant when it comes to fighting hair loss.

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Hair transplant results can now be called a onetime investment

In India, men are getting the hair transplant because it is changing their lives for the better. Also, this important lifestyle choice procedure has become very affordable because now there are many clinics that offer to perform the hair transplant. But one has to be careful and choose the right clinic and the right doctor, else the results will never meet the expectation that you had set for yourself. A well-qualified doctor is a must as it will ensure a satisfactory result where the hair loss patient will receive aesthetic natural looking hair growth.

Is hair transplant permanent or one has to get this procedure done every few years for upkeep?

The good news is hair transplant results tend to be permanent when carried out by an experienced surgeon and there is no need for upkeep every few years. However, in some cases, the hair loss is so extensive a second sitting is required so the expected coverage is achieved. Other than that once it is done the new hair can be cut and styled anyway the patient wants and one can even call it a one time investment to overcome permanent hair loss.

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The only doctor who can give full hair coverage in one sitting is Dr. Rakesh Sood

Hair transplant is a combination of modern medical science and also art. When a person decides to get hair transplant it is not just covering the bald area but it is also about looking nice and natural, after all if the new hair growth is not natural then the purpose is defeated. However there is another deeper concern and that is getting maximum coverage in just one sitting. In some cases that is simply not possible because the hair loss is very high but in most cases maximum coverage in just one sitting is possible but very difficult to achieve and if achieved the doctor has to be fantastic.

In that regard there is one such doctor who does this more often than one can count and his name is Dr. Rakesh Sood who has over 25 years of surgical experience and in the world of hair transplant is he is known as an artist. His clinics name is Dr. Sood’s hair clinic where patients get the best FUE and FUT hair transplant in one sitting. This way he used both these technique to its maximum efficiency and in return the patient gets more coverage and in the end it is obvious the new hair growth totally looks natural.

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There can be enough hair growth in just four months after hair transplant

There can be enough hair growth in just four months after hair transplant

A good hair transplant can change your life and that is a fact which anyone who has ever had this procedure will tell you. But in order for that to happen this, every intricate procedure must be performed by a skilled surgeon who understands the technical and the aesthetics aspects.

In India, a good number of men get hair transplant before they get married but the concern has always been how soon the new hair will start to grow so the groom can look dashing on the day of the wedding. If you ever look at the picture of the man with less hair and after getting hair transplant when the new hair grows there is the total transformation.

Which is why if the procedure is done correctly in just four months there will be enough growth to cover the bald spot and in some cases enough hair length to even do some cutting and styling. But one thing is certain if the doctor has done everything correctly and the patient has followed all the instructions there will be sufficient growth.

 In Delhi, the doctor who has consistently given this type of result is Dr. Rakesh Sood of Dr. Sood’s hair clinic where a combination of FUE and FUT technique is used on the patient to give maximum hair coverage. So if you are planning to get married and have four or five months do not worry if you get the hair transplant done you will have enough hair growth.

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Indian men suffer from high cases of hair loss and Dr. Sood’d clinic is the best place for hair transplant

In the last then there has been a sudden rise in hair loss among men in India because of pollution and water that most of us use to wash our hair. Men in their twenties and thirties are losing rate at an alarming rate and the only option available to overcome this problem is hair transplant because it is very effective and a permanent solution. The hair which is taken form the back of the scalp looks completely natural when they start to grow.

But that is the just the procedure but what is more important is who performs the procedure because there are only handful of doctors in India who can do a excellent job. In Delhi the best hair transplant doctor is Dr. Rakesh Sood who has been performing hair transplant for over 10 years and is known to give the most natural finish to all his patients.

The name of his clinic is Dr. Sood’s hair Clinic which has all the modern medical facility to ensure patient gets the best results and is comfortable. Once the new hair starts to grow it has the power to withstand pollution and those who lost lot of hair will never ever have to worry about losing hair again.

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Hair transplant is not just hair restoration but also understanding the need of the patient

Hair transplant in India

Hair transplant in India is now a very common procedure performed all over the country on men and women. It is the best way to restore lost hair and at the same time make the outcome look totally natural. These days the level of perfection and attention to detail has virtually made it impossible for any to guess if an individual has had hair transplant but that level of expertise is only possible with few doctors in whole of India. Hair transplant is a procedure not all doctors can perform because there is more to it than just extracting hair and implanting it.

When a person decides to get hair transplant it is not a very easy decision because a lot is riding on this procedure and it is important to get it right the first time. That is where the honesty and expertise of a real doctor comes into play because “Hair transplant is not just hair restoration but also understanding the need of the patient.” It is absolutely necessary the doctor knows what can and cannot be achieved after careful examination. In most cases patient can get full coverage in just one sitting but there are cases where patient has to return for second setting.

It is important to clear all such matters and a good doctor will do that rather than fear they might lose the patient since it was suggested two sitting will be needed to get the job done. This is what divides the good doctor from the rest where patients need is always on top. So it is important to understand the patients need and then formulate a strategy to give the patient the best possible result.

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We are careful who we give our car to repair so why take chance with hair transplant doctor

When we decide to buy a new car we ponder over what car to buy and go over many details and hold debate with friends and family because this is a long term decision for most of us to make. Once we buy the car we simply do not go and hand it over to just about any garage to fix any problem and ask our friends or relatives if they know someone who does good work fixing cars. Same could be said about many other things that we do in our life but sadly when it comes to one of the most important decisions like getting hair transplant we tend to over look some of the details. Hair transplant is one such procedure that could alter a person’s life forever.

Sadly many tend to go to doctors who offer very cheap rates when it comes to hair transplant. In India right now there are several clinics that offer affordable costing and give good results because hair transplant must be affordable but not cheap. The same logic can be applied to buying cars, if someone is selling a car at a very low price we automatically feel suspicious so the same logic should also apply to hair transplant. This is a very delicate and specialized procedure and can’t be done by any doctor. One must be a surgeon and know the aesthetics.

Best hair transplant doctor in Delhi NCR

Hair transplant requires tremendous practice and discipline and only then the best results can be given to the patient. Any mistake will cost the patient very dearly and it is very expensive to fix bad hair transplant and in some cases the problem becomes permanent. So remember if you take pains to buy a car and do lot of research, please do the same when it comes to hair transplant because cars will come and go but with hair it is there today and gone tomorrow and only the best hair transplant doctor can bring it back.

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