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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, But there is no need to worry as the cure for baldness has been discovered

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Hair loss Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, But there is no need to worry as the cure for baldness has been discovered

The scientists and researchers in US have successfully identified the cells that that are responsible for directly giving rise to the lost hair and the agents and mechanism that forms the reason behind the hair that turns grey. Hence, it is claimed that that day is not too far away when the medical science would identify possible and reliable treatments to reverse hair loss and prevent greying of hair.

A well-known scientist of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre Dr. Lu Le declared that originally, the project aimed at understanding the formation and the reasons behind the formation of the tumours, but the research brought up the reasons behind the greying of hair and the discovery of identity of cell that could directly cause hair to grow again. Hence, hopes are there to create certain compounds and deliver genes to the follicles so as to encourage the hair growth through those follicles. The researchers and scientists also discovered the protein KROX20 that can turn on in the skin cells that are to become the hair shaft and in turn these hair cells are responsible for producing a protein called stem cell factor abbreviated as SCF which said to be responsible for pigmentation of hair. Further experimentation proved that elimination of SCF gene found in hair cells in mice resulted in turning of hair colour into white of the animal, while elimination of KROX20- producing cells resulted in hair loss and baldness in the mice.

The details of the studies and these findings are published online in Genes and Development.

It is interesting to note that studies and experiments are still being continued to form a strong argument in favour of these findings and reports.

According to the researcher Dr Lu Le, they are still aiming to find out what happens to those stem cells after they move down to the base of the hair follicles and which cells are responsible for producing Stem Cell Facto in the human body. However, it is evident that the cells having and functional KROX20 and SCF, they move up the stem cells from the bulb and engage and interact with the melanocyte cells that produce pigments.

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre and its researchers are continuously trying to search for these cells and the working of these cells, the factors that affect their functioning that might include aging as well that ends up people being subjected to massive hair thinning, hair loss and balding both in males and females.

So, there is no need to worry at all! While the researchers try to figure out  and study about the possibilities and factors related to researches and findings, we can keep our hopes high to get acquainted of the procedures of preventing hair greying and reversal of hair loss and baldness in the near future without even thinking about going for hair transplant surgeries.

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