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How one can get best ever hair transplant services in Delhi?

How one can get best ever hair transplant services in Delhi?

In the present world most of the people many people are suffering from the problem of hair fall as well as baldness. The major cause of such problem is pollution, dust, and chemicals that we often find around our offices and several other places even at our home. The hair fall and its related form of baldness we cannot avoid as we cannot avoid living in cosmopolitan cities. Thus, we understand and recommend Robotic hair transplant in Delhi, which is available easily for everyone and people of all age group as well as the gender who want to get shinning and glowing long hair. Although there are several other methods by which one can regain the lost hair like oil massage and chemical treatment. However, these techniques are short-term as well as can also leave side effects on cells and tissues of hair. Therefore, we recommend Dr Soods  Hair Clinic for hair transplant Delhi.

Easy process

The process of hair transplant by using robotic method is simple as well as easy. The unique formula presented by Dr Soods  Hair Clinic not require any painful or surgery. Further, by using the formula of you don’t have to depend on medicines or any hair oil. You just have to consult the hair specialist online on for gaining glowing, strong, and thinning hair.

No side effects

The unique formula for regaining lost hair as well as to get completely rid of baldness is the best platform. It is the best part of regaining lost hair with no side effect as well as it suits people of all age group and gender.

Affordable price

Hair transplant price in Delhi is much higher; however, in this regard, Dr Soods  Hair Clinic is offering best prices for hair transplant and regaining of lost hair with reliable technique.

Bottom line

Hair transplant cost in Delhi in rupees is much less than any other technique of regaining lost hair. It is completely a natural formal as well as most advanced technique to regain lost hair. In addition, many celebs have consulted Dr Soods  Hair Clinic for hair transplant.

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You can easily have a Non surgical hair transplant in Delhi

You can easily have a Non surgical hair transplant in Delhi

These days hair transplant is not a big deal in India. If you have bald patched on your head, you can easily get new hair with the help of hair transplant.   In present time almost all the bigger cities in India offer hair transplant treatment to you.

Key Benefits of Hair Transplant treatment

The best thing related to this hair gain treatment is that it is a non surgical treatment and you can get it safely as long as you choose to get the surgery from a right place. If you get the hair transplant in Delhi, then you can get the best services for sure with zero complications in any manner.

Cost of Hair Transplant in New Delhi

Cost of Hair Transplant in New Delhi

Some people also wonder about the cost of Non surgical hair transplant in Delhi and they avoid this process to get shiny and natural hair. If you have any kind of worries about the cost of hair transplant Delhi is the best place for that as well. In Delhi, you can get the services in highly cost-effective manner. Here you can find state of the art machines and experts with years of experience. This combination of experience and instrument always gives you the best outcome.

Reason to Choose Hair Transplant operation

Needless to say, you get the confidence of zero negative results as well. This process is short, and you can go back to your home in a day. After the process is completed, you can have natural hair on your head in less than four months, and these hairs will not go away in any condition.

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Hair transplant is very safe and effective procedure

Hair transplant is very safe and effective procedure

Hair transplant procedures are very common these days and sadly there are some myths that are associated with the procedure which is just not true. Hair transplantation is a permanent solution for getting rid of baldness and at Dr. Sood’s hair clinic Chief Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Rakesh Sood is the best person to bust the myths that are associated with hair transplants. So we decided to conduct an interview with Dr. Sood who is leading FUE and FUT hair transplant surgeon in Delhi NCR

Dr. Sood is it true that Hair transplant can cause problems in the brain, head, and eyes?

To put it simply the answer is an empathic NO because hair transplants are completely safe and there are no harmful or side effects on the brain, head, and eyes. When the surgery takes place it the process involves extraction and works on only the outer layer of the scalp out of the total 5 layers. So there is no fear of damage to any internal organs which may cause any side effects or damage.

Is the new hair transplants real or artificial?

We only extract the real hair of the patient which is from the back and the side of the scalp The reason for that is the hair extracted from this area of the head has retained properties of activeness and is loss resistant. This leads to the continuous growth and it is very much natural hair growth

Is Hair transplantation and extraction a painful procedure?.

Is Hair transplantation and extraction a painful procedure.

There is no surgery that does not involve some level of discomfort and hair transplant is same but in this procedure, local anesthesia is administered to the scalp before the procedure and this leads to complete and total numbness of scalp. So during the procedure, the patient will not feel any pain or discomfort during extraction or transplant.

Is it easy to tell the difference between transplanted hairs from original hair

This is a good question because if the new hair growth has to look completely natural the doctor must ensure that the depth, angle, direction, texture and color of existing hair is considered carefully and only healthy follicles are extracted. If these parameters are met no one can detect the difference between real hair and transplanted one.

If I get Hair transplants will it survive lifetime

The reason hair from the back of the scalp is extracted because generally people do not go bald in that area of the head and it has the natural resistance to baldness. So, in theory, it can be said that the hair transplant does survive a lifetime if proper care is given and patient leads a healthy life.

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Come to Dr. Sood’s Hair transplant clinic to know the science of hair transplant  

Come to Dr. Soods’ Hair transplant clinic to know the science of hair transplant  

Hair transplant is a science and it takes a scientist to have understanding of this procedure. Hair transplant has the capability if done correctly to change the life of a person suffering from hair loss in just few months. There is no debate that when a person starts to lose too much hair, hair transplant is the only method to overcome this problem and in Delhi NCR Dr. Rakesh Sood is the master of the science of hair transplant. When patients visit him and agree to let him perform the surgery he will then ensure speedy hair growth and it will look totally natural.

The expert in Preserving grafts viability in surgery

When hair follicles are removed either via follicular unit extraction (FUE) or follicular unit transplant (FUE), harvesting them properly is very important and he has the best practices in place that have now been implemented by other clinics. At Dr. Sood’s hair clinic there is complete clinical approach from the start to the finish so that when the new hairs are implanted it goes to work immediately. When this happens the surrounding follicles gain strength and it shortens recovery time and activates new hair follicles. So with Dr. Rakesh Sood you not only get scientist but also an artist who will ensure your self confidence is restored.


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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, But there is no need to worry as the cure for baldness has been discovered

Hair loss Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, But there is no need to worry as the cure for baldness has been discovered

The scientists and researchers in US have successfully identified the cells that that are responsible for directly giving rise to the lost hair and the agents and mechanism that forms the reason behind the hair that turns grey. Hence, it is claimed that that day is not too far away when the medical science would identify possible and reliable treatments to reverse hair loss and prevent greying of hair.

A well-known scientist of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre Dr. Lu Le declared that originally, the project aimed at understanding the formation and the reasons behind the formation of the tumours, but the research brought up the reasons behind the greying of hair and the discovery of identity of cell that could directly cause hair to grow again. Hence, hopes are there to create certain compounds and deliver genes to the follicles so as to encourage the hair growth through those follicles. The researchers and scientists also discovered the protein KROX20 that can turn on in the skin cells that are to become the hair shaft and in turn these hair cells are responsible for producing a protein called stem cell factor abbreviated as SCF which said to be responsible for pigmentation of hair. Further experimentation proved that elimination of SCF gene found in hair cells in mice resulted in turning of hair colour into white of the animal, while elimination of KROX20- producing cells resulted in hair loss and baldness in the mice.

The details of the studies and these findings are published online in Genes and Development.

It is interesting to note that studies and experiments are still being continued to form a strong argument in favour of these findings and reports.

According to the researcher Dr Lu Le, they are still aiming to find out what happens to those stem cells after they move down to the base of the hair follicles and which cells are responsible for producing Stem Cell Facto in the human body. However, it is evident that the cells having and functional KROX20 and SCF, they move up the stem cells from the bulb and engage and interact with the melanocyte cells that produce pigments.

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre and its researchers are continuously trying to search for these cells and the working of these cells, the factors that affect their functioning that might include aging as well that ends up people being subjected to massive hair thinning, hair loss and balding both in males and females.

So, there is no need to worry at all! While the researchers try to figure out  and study about the possibilities and factors related to researches and findings, we can keep our hopes high to get acquainted of the procedures of preventing hair greying and reversal of hair loss and baldness in the near future without even thinking about going for hair transplant surgeries.

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Did you know sufficient hair growth is possible in just four months after hair transplant?

Hair transplant has come such a long way that it is now possible to have sufficient growth in just four months after you have had the hair transplant. However the actual growth cycle is nine to twelve months but in four months time the hair grows to sufficient length wherein it can be cut and styled but for that to happen it is necessary the hair transplant is done by an expert in this field because what happens on the day you have the surgery will determine the outcome.

In hair transplant it is all about preparation and each step is crucial and any mistake will not give the desirable results that you want. From marking the bald area and making precision holes to seed the follicles to extracting the best donor hair from the back or the side of the scalp is very important. Regardless of which hair transplant techniques is being used and in most cases it is FUE or FUT or both, proper harvesting of the follicles is must or it becomes unenviable.

It’s all about proper care and following the procedures and if that is accomplished results will be in your favor. So if you have an important function in your family like wedding or you plan to quit your job and join a new company in the coming months, you will have sufficient time to get hair transplant have enough growth which looks totally natural and no one needs to find out and those who know you let them be surprised by your transformation.

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PRP treatment can rejuvenate hair growth and stop hair loss 

PRP or platelet rich plasma is a highly effective hair loss procedure that is helping patients suffering from non-scarring alopecia. This procedure has done wonders for patients who suffer from the androgenetic alopecia common form of hair loss in both men and women. However, before PRP treatment is given a comprehensive medical evaluation is conducted and only then the doctor would proceed. Generally, PRP treatment consists of four sessions every 15 days and then three maintenance doses once a month. Our hair is significantly important to us because hair loss can affect the external image of a person but worse it can also cause emotional damage when a person starts to lose hair at a young age.

It’s a simple procedure and here how it is done

Doctors draw blood from the patient to extract the plasma and platelets and for that, they use centrifuge machine. Once the plasma is extracted it is injected back into the patient’s scalp to start the rejuvenation process. But when blood flow decreases to our head the necessary nutrients that are need to nourish our hair does not reach the roots we start to lose hair. PRP has been used to cure injuries and help make ligaments strong and the same principle is being applied here.

PRP has elements that can activate dormant hair follicles

PRP is a very safe procedure with a few side effects like soreness at the injection site, redness, and headache but that is temporary. But it has the power to stimulate inactive or dormant hair follicles to help you regain hair density. It is particularly very helpful for women because hair transplant sometimes does not work on women and PRP helps stops hair fall and helps start hair growth and the new hair will be full of strong roots.

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Hair transplant is a scientific medical procedure to overcome hair loss

There are many common misconceptions with regards to hair transplantation procedure. The most common conception is that it is very expensive which is not true, however the most common misconception of all is hair transplant is just a temporary procedure to overcome hair loss. But the fact is something different because over the last fifty years a lot of hard work and research has gone into hair reclamation science and that is why each year tens and thousands of people opt for this procedure with great results.

Hair transplant is a permanent procedure, period!

The science behind hair transplant has rapidly progressed over the years and more research is being done to give patients better procedure. So anyone who thinks hair transplant is just a temporary procedure they must think again because actual hair from the back of the scalp which is also known as donor hair is carefully extracted from its roots and implanted on the top of the scalp where hair loss generally happens.

Did you know the hair on the back and the sides generally are not affected by normal hair loss?

If we notice most men do not lose hair from their back or the side and this is because they are at most time impervious to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a steroid and hormone that plays an influential role in hair loss. But since the hair on the back and the side are generally not affected by DHT and when they are extracted from its roots and then carefully implanted on the bald area, they are then secure from hair loss.

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Prevention is better than cure for hair loss before it is too late

Our hair is an integral part of our personality and we must do everything to prevent hair loss. It is normal to lose some hair on a daily basis but sometimes it just gets out of hand and that leads to thinning of hair and eventfully leads to baldness. That is why one must take precaution at the beginning because that way the new treatments which are available are even more effective. When we get sick we start the treatment immediately so we can overcome the ailment sooner and the same logic applies to hair loss.


To stop hair loss Mesotherapy is now being extensively being used because this is a nonevasive hair fall prevention and hair fall rejuvenation treatment. In Mesotherapy the patient has to pop into the clinic for just no more than twenty minutes on the day of the appointment and then just leave. In this procedure, the treatment is given using pharmaceuticals, vitamins which are delivered into the mesodermal layer of tissue under the skin. This process helps to promote the loss of fat or cellulite and start the regeneration of healthy follicles.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Scientists have discovered that the plasma which is in our own blood contains properties that can help hair regeneration and also stop hair fall. This is a slightly evasive procedure where the blood from our veins is taken and after separating the plasma it is injected into the scalp to rejuvenate and start the hair growth process. The Plasma has properties that will make the roots of the new hair stronger, thus preventing hair loss and start hair growth.

There is also hair transplant but that has to be done when there is extensive hair loss and the baldness is visible. Which is why if a person who suffers from hair loss takes preemptive action they can prevent hair loss and maintain the density of hair for a long time.

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Do not take risk by getting hair transplant performed by an unqualified doctor

In the field of medicine, there is specialties and hair transplant is one of them. It requires a touch delicate handling and the doctor has to be very skilled. Hair transplant is all about aesthetics because if the outcome is not right the entire procedure is a failure and it is very difficult to correct it. In the last few years hair transplant has become quite affordable but in many cases, the cost of hair transplant is quoted so low it is actually ridicules. This has led to many people hoping that they will get the cheap hair transplant. But sadly the results are not that great and many end up developing the infection and patchy hair growth because of various factors like poor medical facility.

Know your doctor

If you book an appointment with a hair doctor do not be shy in asking questions because it is your right and it is about your future. A good hair transplant result will change your life forever and that is why you must have all the answers and make the doctor clear all your doubts. So one must ask the following questions

  1. How many hair transplant procedures have they performed?

  2. Will it be possible to speak or meet with a former patient? (If the doctor says know, you know what to do)

  3. What is the realistic assessment of your hair loss?

  4. How many grafts will be needed? (Remember the grafts are taken from the back of the scalp and there are limits to number of donor’s hair that can be extracted)

  5. Ask the doctor if they can see the medical facility where the surgery will be performed?

If they are able to answer all these questions than they are legitimate and most probably qualified. Hair transplant is the very huge decision and must be taken after careful consideration because it must be done right on the very first time.

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